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6 Lists of Free Resources for Business Women


Here are lists of some of the best free services and resource for women entrepreneurs.

1. 3 Great Free "Learning" Resources for Women Entrepreneurs

Even if you cannot afford the cost or time of continuing a formal formal education or are unable to attend live business seminars and lectures, there is no excuse for not taking advantage of free online lectures. Here are my three favorite sources for podcasts, lectures, and videos where women entrepreneurs can get information, ideas, and inspiration.

2. 5 Best Free Email Obfuscator Tools

There are many ways to obfuscate (hide) your email address on your website. My favorite method is using a JavaScript obfuscator to generate code to hide email addresses from robots. Here are various free email obfuscators to help keep your inbox spam free.

3. 5 Best Free Keyword Selector and Keyword Comparison Tools

Women in Business reviewed dozens of free keyword tools and ranked the top five best free online keyword search, keyword selector, and keyword comparison tools. Tools were ranked according to how well they reported results, how easy they were to use, and how useful the information returned is for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

4. 5 Best Places to Get Your Business News Online

Why is staying up-to-date on news and business information so important? To be competitive and keep your own business perspective fresh you need to know what is going on in the business world and what your competition is up to!

Here are five free, best places to get your online business and financial news.

5. 5 Free Tax Newsletters to Subscribe to

Staying on top of changes in federal and state tax laws can be time consuming and complicated. Instead of spending hours researching tax laws and issues you can save time by having updates delivered to your e-mail address.

Newsletters are a great way to find out about a broad range of topics that you can choose from to research more in-depth on your own. Here are five free newsletters that cater to all skill levels of those interested in taxes.

6. MIT's OpenCourseWare - Free College Courses from MIT

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) offers many of its college courses online - for free to anyone interested in self-paced learning. You do not earn credits for the courses you take but you will learn a lot and get to see if you are made of "MIT stuff!"

Each course includes content, reading lists, homework, lecture notes, exams, and more.

MIT encourages students who take advantage of the free courses to consider making a small donation (as little as $5.00). The plea is low-key and barely visible on their website and is not necessary to take a course.

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