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Profiles of Famous Women Entrepreneurs

Lillian Vernon began her business working from her kitchen. Mary Kay really did give away pink Cadillacs. Read interesting biographies about famous women entrepreneurs that took their industries by storm.

Profiles of Famous Women in Business
Working their way up the corporate ladder to rise from personal hardships and tragedies - while fighting gender discrimination, is a common life thread seen among many successful and famous women in business.

Biography of Carol Bartz - CEO of Yahoo
Carol Bartz, CEO, Yahoo!

Biography of Lilly Ledbetter
Personal biography of Mrs. Lilly McDaniel Ledbetter. Information about Lilly, her husband and children, and how she lost a U.S. Supreme Court decision against her employer but went on to help change the laws to fight discriminatory pay practices.

Marilyn Carlson Nelson - How We Lead Matters by Marilyn Carlson Nelson
Book review on "How We Lead Matters" by Marilyn Carlson Nelson. Carlson is one of "Forbes" 100 Most Powerful Women in the World and is a consumate successful women entrepreneur.

Myra Bradwell, Lawyer and Founder of The Chicago Legal Times
Myra Bradwell

Biography of Leslie Scott, Inventer of Jenga and Co-Founder o…
Biography of Leslie Scott. Scott successfully navigated the male-dominated toy business to launch Jenga at the London Toy Fair. However, she would later sign her rights away before annual sales rose for Jenga soared into the millions. A decision made while still a new entrepreneur, and something Scott regrets as Jenga remains the second best-selling game in the world.

Biography and Professional Profile of Carolyn Everson
Little information is known about the marital status, family, and personal life of Microsoft executive, Carolyn Everson.

Who is Carolyn Everson?
Carolyn Everson, chief of Microsoft's global ad sales, is a woman of mystery. If you have links or information leads about her personal story, contributions to the advancement of other business women, or links to interviews, please share them.

List of Famous Women Who Dropped Out of College
Think you have to be a college grad to be rich, famous or successful? These women did not think so and dropped out of college. See our list of women college dropouts who went on to become anything but failures.

Profile of Ellen Karis, Comedian
Profile of Ellen Karis, Comedian by Joe Hefferon. One of the more intriguing things about Ellen is her career change. She is a CPA with an MBA, a former Wall Streeter, who worked in the very command-center of comedy -- investment banking. So, how did the transition take place?

Profile of Ellen Karis, Comedian - Part 2
Profile of Ellen Karis, Comedian - Part 2. Be good. Be a professional. Don't be gross and dirty.

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