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How Many People Use Facebook?

Facebook Statistics, Number of Users, People Logging In, Growth Rate


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Update 10.03.2013: 500 million people now use Facebook and half (250 million) log into their accounts each day.

Most people correctly assume there are millions of people using Facebook. But here are two statistics you might not know:

  • More than 70% of all Facebook users are outside the United States.
  • The average Facebook User (as of September 2011) has 130 friends.

With its clear global impact being made, business owners are wise to use this powerful social media platform to make their own presence known.

2013 Facebook Global Statistics

2009 Facebook Statistics

Facebook had 150 million users, with more than 200 million people visiting Facebook monthly. In 2009, that was equivalent to 1 in 5 people in the world that are on the Internet visiting Facebook.

2010 Facebook Statistics

Facebook more than doubled in size, and boasted more than 350 million registered users. By late 2010, the number of people visiting Facebook was roughly equivalent to almost half the number of people who use the Internet visiting Facebook. 175 million Facebook users were logging in directly on a daily basis; that number could be much higher as Facebook analytics do not factor in Facebook Connect login activity.

2011 Facebook Statistics

As of September 2011, Facebook boasted more than 750 million active users; 50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given day. People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook.

According to public figures posted by Facebook, "more than 2.5 million websites have integrated with Facebook, including over 80 of comScore's U.S. Top 100 websites and over half of comScore's Global Top 100 websites."

Number of Businesses Advertising on Facebook

According to American Express, as of the end of June 2011, 35 percent of entrepreneurs advertise on Facebook to promote their business to new customers. This figure is up an impressive 8% from December 2010, when only 27 percent of businesses were reported to be advertising on Facebook.

2013 Facebook Statistics

On June 18, 2013, Facebook announced that the company now has one million active advertisers - companies or organizations that have advertised on the social network at least once in the last 28 days. In April 2013, "that there were two billion connections between local businesses and people in the site's social graph, and in an average week, local business pages get more than 645 million views and 13 million comments. The company did not release new data on those points, but the up-to-date numbers are doubtless higher today." Source: Venturebeat.com

Facebook Mobile

Don't overlook the powerful presence Facebook has captured on mobile devices -- more than 250 million people access Facebook over a mobile device, and they are twice as active on Facebook as desktop and laptop users.


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