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How to Study Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

Study Other Business' Direct Mail Ad Campaigns Before You Start Your Own


Stop throwing away all the direct mail you get at home or work. Read it! Study what other people are doing and get advertising clues from competitors. Here are great articles to help you understand direct mail ad campaigns before your start your own. Direct marketing is expensive and aggressive. Be sure you know which type of direct marketing is the most suitable for your business and consumer market.

Study Direct Mail From Other Companies

Stop throwing away all the direct mail you get at home or work. Read it! Study what other people are doing and get advertising clues from competitors. Here is how you can learn what to do and what not to do by studying direct mail you receive from other companies.

Direct Marketing Basics - What is Direct Marketing - Types of Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is a staple for businesses - especially for nonprofits. If you have ever been called during the dinner hour by a telemarketer you have been the target of direct marketing.

Often considered annoying and invasive by consumers, direct marketing is an aggressive form of marketing that only works when carefully planned and implemented. But does it work?

Direct Mail Marketing vs. Internet Marketing

With postal and printing rates soaring is direct mail marketing worth the expense? That depends. But if you can reach a targeted market with a website – do it. It is cheaper, offers a wider range of customer opportunities, and it is easier to analyze website traffic and sales and make immediate, often inexpensive adjustments to your ad campaigns.

5 "Pros" Of Direct Mail Marketing

It is important to weigh the financial risks of direct mail marketing with the potential benefits. Obviously, direct mail marketing works better for certain types of businesses than for others. This article highlights some of the main benefits in successful direct mail marketing campaigns.

5 "Cons" Of Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is a highly unpredictable method of marketing your business. Mailing direct to potential (and existing) customers can be lucrative. However, before you spend thousands of dollars on a direct mail marketing ad campaign be sure to consider the pros and the cons.

5 Worst Mistakes Of Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is expensive. And without carefully planning and implementing a direct mail ad campaign you are guaranteed to fail. Here are the worst mistakes you can make in direct mail marketing and how to create campaigns that will increase your chances of good customer response.

The Growth Of Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

According to the Direct Marketing Association's yearly report, The Power of Direct Marketing, direct marketing is anticipating growth in all areas, including expenditures, return on investment (ROI), sales and employment this year. This is despite an economy that is lagging in most areas.

How To Write Effective Direct Mail Marketing Letters

We've all received them. We occasionally read them. However, most end up in the recycle bin . . . But why? They're only a page or two long, and yet many direct mail sales letters are just as dead as the felled log they were fashioned from . . .

Margie Yohn On Direct Mail Marketing Services

A candid interview with Margie Yohn, Proprietor of BeYohnd Mail P 1. Learn about her business, why and how she got started, and some insider tips on direct mail marketing.

How To Design A Direct Mail Package For Response

With the growing popularity of the internet, it's all too easy to forget about other forms of reaching customers directly. But surprisingly, direct mail response rates are actually increasing, thanks to better list maintenance and targeting. And while a compelling offer is a must, without the right design and copy, your piece will never get opened and your offer won't even be considered.

Here are nine essential design tips to maximize response with the right offer to the right audience.

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