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Profile of Abby Lee Miller, Owner of Abby Lee Miller Dance Studios

Personal Biography And How To Contact The Star of Dance Moms


Profile of Abby Lee Miller

Websites and Social Contact Information

Business Address: The Abbey Lee Dance Company is located on the border of Penn Hills, Plum Boro, and Monroeville, at 7123 Saltsburg Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15235.

Business Phone: (412) 795-6234

Email Address: reigndanceproductions@yahoo.com

Abbey Lee Miller Lives In: Penn Hills, PA

Parents: George L. Miller and Maryen Lorrain Miller.

Birthplace: Based upon where her parents were living at the time, Abbey Lee Miller was most likely born in or near Pittsburgh, PA. Her exact date of birth is not available.

Born: In two separate interviews Miller is stated to be 45 years of age (the last article indicating her age is 45 was published in October 2011.) This would mean Miller was either born in late 1965 or sometime in 1966.

Age: 46 (in 2012)

Marital Status: Single

Children: None


  • Owner and Director of the Maryen Lorrain Dance Studio (now known as Reign Dance Productions)
  • Owner and Head Choreographer and Instructor of Abbey Lee Dance Company in Penn Hills, PA
  • Owner of Reign Dance Productions in Penn Hill, PA
  • Star of Lifetime TV's docu-drama series Dance Moms

Childhood Years

Abby Lee's parents exposed her to many activities. Her father would take her to Girl Scouts each week, swim team in the summer, and ski club in the winter. Abby Lee played the clarinet, sewed, and even went to charm school. Although Abby Lee was not much interested in dancing or performing, but she loved watching the dance competitions she attended with her mother every summer and was inspired to become a choreographer.

Abby Lee was close to her mother as a child and remains very close to her as an adult. In one interview, Abby said the thing she fears most is "that I will lose my mom too soon."

The Beginnings Of The Abby Lee Dance Company

Maryen began dancing in 1933 and soon began teaching others how to dance. In 1944, she founded the Maryen Lorrain Dance Studio. Maryen was successful as a dance instructor and business woman, opening seven thriving dance studios in Florida before moving to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (her own home town) to marry a childhood sweetheart. When she moved, she gave the Florida dance studios to her advanced dancers so that her name would continue to be prominent in the dance community. Today, her daughter, Abby Lee Miller has become the owner and director of the Maryen Lorrain Dance Studio in Pittsburgh.

Abby Lee followed in her mother's footsteps in both dance and business. At age 14, she opened her first dance studio and in May of 1995, she opened the doors to her brand new state-of-the-art dance facility which was built to her specifications. Abby Lee Miller is the founder and chief choreographer of The Abby Lee Dance Company.



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