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Who Can Write or Send a Cease and Desist Letter? Do I Need a Lawyer?

FAQs About Cease and Desist Letters


Question: Do I Have To Use An Attorney To Send A Cease And Desist Letter?

No. Anyone can send a cease and desist letter, however, sending one does not necessarily mean you have adequately, or even legally asserted or protected your own rights. Sending a threatening cease and desist letter under false pretenses, or for malicious reasons, could even be a crime that exposes you to potential counter legal action.

Before you accuse someone of breaking the law and demanding action, especially if you are demanding payment, you should consult an attorney.

Falsely accusing someone, or demanding payment under threat of harm (including threatening to sue) could be considered a crime under certain circumstances.

Benefits Of Having an Attorney Send A Cease and Desist Letter

An attorney can advise you if your rights have been violated and you even have the grounds for legal action.

An attorney can tell you if a cease and desist letter is the appropriate course of action, and can even write the letter for you.

In almost all cases involving consumers, a letter from an attorney will be taken more seriously than a letter from an individual. And, a court of law, should you need to sue, may also take a letter sent by a lawyer more seriously than one you sent by yourself.

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