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Overcoming Challenges Facing Women in Business

Help For Women Entreprenuers


All business owners face certain challenges, but women, because of their gender, often have additional challenges and obstacles that their male peers are less likely to encounter. Working women who have children experience even more demands on time, energy and resources.

But this does not mean women are less successful than men, in fact, statistics show that women are starting businesses at more than twice the rate of male-majority-owned businesses. The growing success rate of women entrepreneurs shows that they are resourceful, and able to succeed, despite the odds.

There are three major areas where women business owners may face challenges, less common to men in business:

  1. Gender Discrimination and Stereotyping
  2. Dual Career-Family Pressures
  3. Lack of Equal Opportunities in Certain Industries

How Women Can Overcome Business Challenges

Women often have life skills and natural abilities that are useful in businesses. Women tend to be great networkers, have inherent skills for negotiating, and the ability to multi-task. Single mothers are often good at delegating and budgeting; skills that they rely on to manage their families.

Specific strategies to help women entrepreneurs succeed include:

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