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Women's business news, tips, information, and strategies that address challenges for women in business including the "Glass Ceiling," sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and other issues that impact working women.
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What is the Goldman Sach's "10,000 Women Initiative?"
"10,000 Women” is an innovative program launched and underwritten by Goldman Sachs as part of a global initiative to increase the number of women entrepreneurs in the business world. It offers education, training, mentorships and opportunities for women throughout the world.

How Women Can Overcome Challenges in Business and the Workplace
Working women and women business owners, because of their gender, face challenges and obstacles that men do not. Working women who have children experience even more demands on time, energy and resources, and women face gender discrimination in business and on the job. Here are ways that women are overcoming the challenges facing women in business.

Book Review: How We Lead Matters
Book review on "How We Lead Matters." Marilyn Carlson Nelson offers wisdom and advice without opinionated platforms through brief, but deep cameos about her family, her life, and herself. Her tender reflections help readers gently discover new insights by drawing our own personal conclusions that awaken our hearts and minds to new possibilities and ideas.

Successful Business Women Use the Internet
Statistics show that successful women in business use the Internet to do business more effectively than men. Three ways that women can take advantage of the Internet to grow their businesses.

Job Fields Business Women Are Dominating
What jobs are women dominating? DOL 2007 statistics show that women overwhelmingly still dominate only those fields that are considered traditional "female" industries.

Should You Certify as a Women-Owned Business?
Regardless of SBA changes, being certified as a women-owned business (WOB) still has many advantages. Every woman pursuing government contracts, or even large business opportunities, should definitely consider certification as a WOB.

A New Challenge For Women in Business
Congress appropriates no funding to the SBA to create new business development centers for women beginning in fiscal year 2009.

Changes Under the Americans With Disabilities Act Amendment Acts of 2008
ADAAA 2008 Update: The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) is a series of provisions under federal civil rights laws that protects the rights of people with disabilities. In 2008, the ADA law was amended with the Americans With Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAAA 2008.)

Historic Victory For Gay and Lesbian Civil Rights
Marriage Equality Act - When New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signed his named to the Marriage Equality Act on June 24, 2011, he put his state indelibly on the map as a leader in the right direction. We shape a better world for all children when we live in a society that embraces diversity, community, and family.

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