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Profiles Celebrity Women in Business

Women who have used their celebrity to launch or invest in business enterprises that have lead to entrepreneurial success. Also, celebrity women who have started humanitarian causes and nonprofit organizations.
  1. Abby Lee Miller and Stars of Dance Moms (2)
  2. Patti Stanger, Millionaire MatchMaker (3)
  3. Real Housewives Of Atlanta (7)

Profile of Hilary Farr, Designer, Business Owner, "Love It or List It" Star
Profile of Hilary Farr, Designer, Business Owner, "Love It or List It" Star - Hilary Farr is one of the co-stars of the HGTV hit Love It Or List It, along with the charmingly snarky David Visentin. What advice does Hilary offer to someone who is considering a career in design? "I don't mean to sound flippant but - you must understand business or...

Biography and Business Profile of Shabana Azmi - Film Star and Social Activist
Biography of one of India's most famous women, Shabana Azmi. Azmi rose to fame as a film star but has used her celebrity to become active in women's issues, human rights, and to launch a business to benefit the elderly in India.

Biography of Kate Gosselin
Personal biography of Kate Gosselin. Forget the gossip, here are just the facts. Where was Kate Gosselin born? How much money does she make? Read about her education and business endeavors.

Biography of Angelina Jolie; Humanitarian, Business Woman, Author
Business biography of Angelina Jolie. Jolie's personal information, family life, education as well as information about her humanitarian efforts, business investments, books, and the Angelina Jolie stock index.

List of Famous Women Who Dropped Out of College
Think you have to be a college grad to be rich, famous or successful? These women did not think so and dropped out of college. See our list of women college dropouts who went on to become anything but failures.

Alphabetical List of Famous and Celebrity Women High School Dropouts
List of Rich and Famous Celebrity High School Dropouts - What do Julie Andrews, Lucille Ball, Erin Brockovich, the founder of the first American college for women, and Delaware's first woman governor have in common? They are dropped out of high school and made it big on their own.

Profile of Nina Ferrer
Profile of Nina Ferrer, Architect, Interior Designer, Television Personality. Nina is an award-winning dancer, a photographer, and painter and worked as a project manager in corporate design. She studied a variety of arts, including sculpture before settling on architecture. She was a contestant on HGTV's Design Star and co-host of Clean House NY.

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