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The Top 5 Best Free Keyword Selector and Keyword Comparison Tools


Women in Business reviewed dozens of free keyword tools and ranked the top five best free online keyword search, keyword selector, and keyword comparison tools. Tools were ranked according to how well they reported results, how easy they were to use, and how useful the information returned is for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

1. NicheBot.com

This free keyword search tool would be worth paying (a reasonable fee) to access. Like other tools, it lists alternative keyword suggestions, but it also breaks things down by major search engines and keyword phrases. It only lists the past 100 days (free version) so you may wish to use this service in conjunction with KeywordDiscovery.com to get longer-range statistics.

NichBot was chosen as the top free resource because in addition to great keyword search features, it also offers (free) a thesaurus, keyword ranking, and keyword tracking tools.

Drawback: you must enter a "captcha" for each new search (image-based words and jumbled letters you enter to test whether you are human or a robot), but you can avoid this by registering for free.

2. KeywordDiscovery.com

This free keyword tool pulls information from 100 search engines. It offers web-wide statistics, related keyword searches, and a graph that shows seasonal trends. This is an excellent resource for businesses that rely on seasonal income because you can see at a glance, month-by-month the overall popularity of various keyword searches during the year.

3. WordTracker Keywords

This tool is a basic but solid, free resource. It lists the number of searches made on keywords as well as alternative or related keyword searches. To view more than the top 100 related keywords you need to join (paid membership). It is simple to use, but does not lead to more comprehensive options. This is a great, user-friendly website for those just starting out in SEO.

4. SpellWeb.com

SpellWeb is a very simple keyword phrase comparison tool. Enter two similar phrases and see which one is more popular. For example, enter “childrens specialty apparel” and “childrens specialty clothing” to see which phrase is more commonly searched.


This is a fast, free keyword tool that helps you create meta tags based on search popularity. The drawback is that it does not offer related keyword searches or suggestions. Pluses: it is fast because you do not have to type in cryptic code each time you compare something, you do not have to join anything to access the tool, and it is free.

UPDATE: In 2011, this domain stopped offering free keyword tools.

5. URL.com

URL.com offers a unique SEO tool. Enter keyword phrase and see the top search engine returns from Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Using this information, you can visit competitor’s sites and review their meta data to optimize your own site, or use a keyword density comparison tool to speed things up.

6. Honorable Mention - GoodleAdWords

The only reason Google gets a mention is because they remain the most prominent search engine online. Their keyword selector tool does not offer a lot of meaningful information; however, if you plan to use online advertising (sponsored links or pay-per clicks services) it is worth taking a look at how Google ranks the competitiveness of keyword phrases. The more competitive a keyword phrases, the more it costs to advertise using that phrase.

While it is not a great tool for SEO, Google's AdWords tool may be useful in helping help you decide what key words to select, determine a reasonable price or bid, and which ad service to use.

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