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7 Easy Steps to Start an Online Used Book Store for Less than $100

Used Books Sell Well Even in a Tough Economy


If you could gather enough books to fill an eStore and start an online business for less than $100 would you do it?

There are several great ways to find used books, magazines, videos, and even video games - for free - enough to build an inventory to start your own business.

Start by choosing a name for your business, writing a business plan, and finding out the legal requirements in your own state for starting a business. State Legal Requirements for Starting a Business.

Now, follow these seven easy steps to get your business started!

  1. How to Get Free Books to Stock Your Business: There are several ways you can get books for free (or for next to nothing) to build in initial stock of used books, DVDs, and even video games.

  2. Get a Federal Tax ID Number(free)

  3. Register Your Business Name (sometimes, free, but usually less than $25)

  4. Get a Business License (sometimes, free, but usually less than $25)

  5. Buy a Website Domain Name ($9.95 per year)

  6. Find Free Website Hosting Offers (free - but you can also pay for services to get better features and support)

  7. Use Use Public Domain (unrestricted and free) or Open Source (restricted use, but generally free) eCommerce Development Tools (free)

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