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5 Great Places to Buy Women’s Plus Size Business Suits for Under $100


If you are on a tight budget and need a suit, here are five great places to buy women's plus size business suit for less than $100. Every business woman should try to budget for at least one high quality "power suit." But these stores offer suits nice enough to present a professional image without killing your budget.

1. Lane Bryant

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The walk-in and online stores offer affordable business and casual clothing for woman size 14 and up. Walk-in, you can mix and match jackets and skirts and suit pants for women who wear one size on top and another on bottom. Some of the items are trendy, but they also offer staple traditional business suits.

Their jewelry is overpriced for the quality and a bit too informal for most business environments and you might want to buy hosiery somewhere else (theirs are far too pricey). In-store, Lane Bryant offers free bra measurement services to help you find the perfect bra.

2. Roamans.com

Roamans.com Grey, Double-Breasted Pantsuit
This is a great store for women sized 14 to 44 that want modest, but attractive business attire. This online merchant offers many cuts without plunging necklines and too-tight bodices, and short-short hemlines.

Roamans.com offers a full line of suits and dresses that fall below the knee for those who do not wish to flaunt a lot of leg. They offer a wide variety of clothing from trendy to conservative to flirty and rock-bottom prices. For high-power events, you may want to invest in at least one higher-end, pricier suit, but for day-to-day office wear their business attire is quite “suitable.”

3. Catherines.com

Catherines.com 2-Piece Pin Strip Pantset
Affordable prices for women in sizes 16w through 34w. Catherine's offers a small variety of business suits for plus size women, but they carry the staple navy, grey, and black pin stripe in pantsets and jacket/dress suits. Their suits tend to run a little more on the conservative side but they do offer jackets, skirts, and pants separately from women who wear different sizes on tops and bottoms.

4. Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack
Nordstrom Rack
This store front is very different from Nordtroms. The prices are much lower and the atmosphere less sophisticated. Individual stock will vary from store to store and expect substandard customer service (my experience in stores in three different states).

The “RacK” sells name brand designer garments that did not sell in other stores. This includes damaged, mismatched, overstock and leftover garments, and off-season items. You can usually find a surplus of larger sized clothing ranging from fancy evening wear to shorts to business attire. You can also bargain hunt for shoes and bags.

5. WomanWithin.com

Chelsea Studio Comfy Ruffled Skirt Suit; Size 14-32
This site is worth a mention because they regularly run specials and offer deep discounts. Their line of skirts and tops are a little too casual for the workplace, and their suits tend to be seasonal items rather than staple business suits. Suit stock varies considerably but are so affordable it is worth checking from time to time to find items to flush out your business wardrobe.
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