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Never Wear Heavy Makeup or Strong Perfumes to Work


The more makeup you wear the older you look. Heavy perfume is never right for the office, especially if you are meeting with clients or your boss.
Actress Demi Moore wearing light makeup looks 15 years younger than her true age (45 in this picture

Actress Demi Moore wearing light makeup looking years younger than her age (45.)

Photo by Rob Loud/Getty Images

Less Makeup is Always Better in the Workplace

If the first thing people notice about you is your makeup - you are probably wearing too much or the wrong colors.

Too much makeup can make you look gaudy, older, and even like you are on the prowl. Send the right message to others by keeping makeup light and fresh. Heavy makeup under office lighting does not do any woman justice, in fact, if your office has fluorescent lighting any makeup you wear will appear heavier than it would under incandescent lighting.

Dark colored, bright red, and heavy lipstick is fine for evening events but keep lipstick colors pale and sheer for the office.

Perfume can trigger asthma and allergies in the people around you. Strong scents rarely appeal to anyone but the wearer. If you do wear scented products to work keep it as light as possible. If someone can smell you the second you enter a room, or your scent lingers in the air after you leave the room, you are wearing too much.

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