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Blouses and Sweaters to Wear With a Suit

Showing Off Your Hidden Talents Does Not Mean Showing Off Your Cleavage


Blouses and sweaters should be comfortable, conservative and should never show off your breasts.
Woman in classic business suit.

Woman in classic business suit.


How to Choose The Right Size Blouse or Sweater

Let's face it, some mens' eyes naturally wander without any encouragement. In the business place you want to look like a powerful business woman not a sex kitten.

Do not wear tops that draw attention to your breasts. What you have to say is important and you do not want your audience being distracted by trying to imagine what is under your clothing.

Never unbutton your blouse so low that you show off your cleavage and be sure that blouses are not so sheer that your bra shows through.

Magazines and online stores often show business women dressed in blouses that look like lacy under garments. This look is never appropriate for the real business world.

Choose sweaters that fit comfortably but are not too tight. Baggy sweaters look sloppy and unprofessional but if your breasts stretch the sweater fabric the garment is too small.

Blouses should also have a comfortable fit. Oversized blouses look messy and bulky, but if you cannot button the blouse without the fabric puckering or separating in front it is too small.

No matter what top you choose be sure to wear a bra with good support and enough padding so that your nipples never show through the fabric.

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