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Business Attire for Women

Work-at-home moms and women business owners still need to dress for success. Information about business attire for women.

Don'ts for Summer Business Attire
What not to wear to work this summer.

Are open-toed shoes okay with a business suit?
Is it okay to wear open-toed shoes with a business suit? Don't make the mistake of ignoring the "rules" for pairing shoes with a suit in a formal business environment.

Business Attire for Women - What to Wear to Wow
Business attire for women. Here are great business outfits to wear to the office. Wow with a power suit, wear read, and put your best dressed business foot forward.

When Should I Wear a Business Suit?
When Should I Wear a Business Suit? Why should I wear a suit? At any business networking event not specifically mentioned as “business casual.” Or “casual attire.” The term “informal business attire” does not mean casual and may still require both men and women dress conservatively.

5 Great Places to Buy Womens Plus Size Business Suits for
If you are on a tight budget and need a suit, here are five great places to buy women's plus size business suit for less than $100. Every business woman should try to budget for at least one high quality "power suit." But these stores offer suits nice enough to present a professional image without killing your budget.

Accessories for Business Attire
Accessories are an important part of a successful image. Business women should use accessories to business attire as tools to make a good impression.

Personal Grooming Tips for Business Women
Personal grooming tips for business women on hair, makeup, perfume and jewelry in the work place. Know how to dress for success to impress clients and investors. If your business attire is distracting because it is too sexy, drab, or colorful, your business contacts will focus on how you look, not on your professional skills

Small Business Attire for Women
Work-at-home moms and women business owners still need to dress for success. Read how to dress for business functions and meetings.

Are Sneakers the New Conference Attire?
For those who have never slipped on their sneakers in the middle of the workday, however, walking meetings can be a welcome antidote to the traditional tete-a-tete. Taking a break from fluorescent overheads and enjoying natural light can help bolster morale, start creative ideas percolating, and help keep you fit and healthy.

Are You Using Your “Female” Assets To Get Ahead In Business?
Dressing for success puts the emphasis on your professional side, not your “backside.” When you dress to over accentuate your physical attributes that’s exactly what people will focus on first. You don’t want to be identified as the “administrative assistant” with the nice “rack.” You want to be thought of as the woman who can be counted on to get things done.

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