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Direct Mail Marketing vs. Internet Marketing

Which is Better - Direct Mail Marketing or Internet Marketing?


Direct Mail Marketing Compared With Internet Marketing

With postal and printing rates soaring is direct mail marketing worth the expense? That depends. But if you can reach a targeted market with a website – do it. It is cheaper, offers a wider range of customer opportunities, and it is easier to analyze website traffic and sales and make immediate, often inexpensive adjustments to your ad campaigns.

Internet Marketing and Direct Mail Marketing Can Both Be Expensive

Professional web marketing services are expensive but you have the benefits of monitoring site traffic to see what is working and what is not.

Tweaking your website ad campaigns are a lot easier than adjusting print ads for direct marketing.

Web-based sales and advertising campaigns take less time to monitor and analyze and is something you are more likely to be able to master on your own than fine tuning direct mail campaigns.

Websites Are Superior for Collecting Customer Demographics

Direct mail marketing campaigns are hard to assess and every marketing failure will cost you a lot. For example, you send out 1,000 solicitations and get few or no responses. Was it the address list? Did people even read your ads? Or, were your ads simply ineffective.

With web marketing, you can see who reads a page, if they looked at other pages on your website, or if they immediately left. Traffic analysis reports can be an invaluable market study tool because they not only show who is visiting your website, but how they find it, what they read, and even what keywords drove them to your site.

Should You Try Direct Mail Marketing?

If you have the budget, and a need for direct mail marketing, by all means try it. But research the subject carefully, weigh the financial risks carefully against potential rewards, and test market before sending out thousands of direct mail ads.

But if your budget is tight and you must choose between direct mail and Internet promotions launching a website is a much better investment for your business.

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