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Why Is My Meta Data Is Not Showing In Google Searches?
Why Is My Meta Data Is Not Showing In Google Searches? What to do if you use All-In-One SEO plugin for your WordPress site and your meta title or descriptions are missing or not showing in Google or other search engines.

How Tall Is Nene Leakes, Phaedra Parks, Kandi, Kim and Kenya?
Heights of the RHOA Stars - NeNe and Kenya are the same height and Phaedra is the shortest Housewife. How tall is Nene Leakes, Kenya Moore, Kim Zociak, Kandi Burress, and Phaedra Parks? Find out here!

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Women in Business Answers - New Hires and Taking Vacation Time
New On Your Job? How Long Should You Wait To Take Your First Vacation? Vacations are fun, but your first priority should always be to your new employer's schedule during the first year. The sacrifices you make will pay off down the road and increase your chances of getting better raises and opportunities for promotion -- something that may even enable you to afford a longer, more exotic vacation the next year.

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