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Lahle Wolfe

Female Gendercide and 50 Million Missing Women

By December 31, 2012

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There are subjects that are easy to discuss openly, and without a care; but there are subjects that are painful and difficult to talk about and it is those subjects we all need to talk more about.

The subject of female gendercide is one of those "hard to discuss" topics -- not simply because of the delicate nature of going against the tide of patriarchal societies, centuries-old practices, but in speaking out against acts of unconscionable cruelty, simply talking about them can mean personal danger to those brave enough to speak their minds -- especially when the voice is that of a woman.

Rita Banerji, author, gender activist and founder the The 50 Million Missing Campaign speaks out against the practice of lethal discrimination against female babies, girls, and women.  What she has to share you may find disturbing and difficult to read, but I do hope you will take the time to read Joe Hefferon's latest.

Excerpt:  Are we as Rita fears "anesthetized" to violence?  In a recent posting, Rita wrote, "... But then in the villages in India people regularly kill their baby girls. They watch their own flesh and blood grow to full term in the womb, watch her take her first breath, suckle her, watch her smile, grow, reach out with her two hands, and then - feed her poison, strangle her, or drown her. I wonder what kind of psychological numbness that kind of task takes."

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